8 Great Courses for Proofreading and Editing Online

Top 8 Online Proofreading Courses That Can Help You Grow as a Writer

1. Creative Writing Course – Harvard Extension School

A creative writing course from Harvard Extension School is designed to provide students with a foundational understanding of writing and literature, not just from the perspective of the humanities, but also in science and technology.

Students can choose to take the course online or in person. It’s an 8 week course that meets 3 times a week, and includes readings on various aspects of creativity.

A creative writing course from Harvard Extension School is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills and understand how they can be applied to other fields.

2. Creative Writing Course – English Institute of Chicago

The English Institute of Chicago offers a reative Writing course that provides students with a range of services. These services include:

– help with essay writing

– help with theses and dissertations

– online workshops for high school students, college students, and adults

– individual or group lessons

3. Proofreading and Editing Course – Bard College

Bard College offers a graduate-level course on Proofreading and Editing. The course is taught by the author of “Proofreading and Editing: A Guide for Students.”

This course will help you develop an understanding of the importance of editing and how to edit your own work. You will learn about grammar, usage, style, diction, punctuation, spelling mistakes, word choice, and more. Additionally you will learn about proofreading.

You’ll also gain practical experience by working with students in the course. You’ll be assigned various tasks that demonstrate the skills you’ve learned throughout the semester.

4. Create With Us: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Check

Grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors can ruin your copy. This is why it is important to always proofread your writing before publishing.

One of the best ways you can catch these errors is to use a grammar checker. There are many free options online that can help you out with grammar and punctuation errors in both Word and Google Docs documents. If you want to be extra cautious, you can try using a spell checker for your document as well.

5. Grammarly Premium Pro-Editing

Grammarly is an AI based text editor that enables its user to write perfect English with its “keyboard shortcuts and instant editing tools.”

Grammarly Premium Pro-Editing is the most recent addition to Grammarly’s product line. This comes in as a premium edition with a price tag of $9.99/month or $129.99/year.

6. GrammarChecker by Princeton Review

The GrammarChecker is a free online grammar checker that can be found on the Princeton Review website. This tool shows you how to fix your writing and provides some helpful hints on how to improve your writing.

Working with an AI writer is a great way for companies to be able to generate content at scale because they don’t need to worry about hiring employees or worrying about what they will do if people don’t work out.

The GrammarChecker by Princeton Review can help companies build their brand and make sure that they are communicating in the most effective way possible while still providing access for writers who aren’t familiar with grammar checkers.

7. Learn to Write Better with Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl is an American-born educational podcast on grammar, punctuation, and language for English speakers. The podcast was created by Mignon Fogarty, a former instructor of English grammar at the University of California.

Grammar Girl provides top tips for writing better sentences and using grammar. For example, she provides a top tip to avoid repeating “he said” or “she said” in your text.

Mignon Fogarty’s goal is not to teach people how to be perfect writers, but rather how to write better without worrying about mistakes.

8. Proofread Anywhere

Proofread Anywhere is an AI-powered software that can read text and provide suggestions on how to improve the readability of a document. It also provides a score on how well-written the document is.

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